“THRIVE’s educational training has spurred our system of care partners and volunteers to invest time and energy into identifying our community’s needs around trauma and how to be trauma-informed in all areas of life. “  –Andrea Aderton, Director, Circle of Hope, Jefferson City, MO

THRIVE on-site trainings:

  • Agency Preparation for Trauma-Informed Change
    One-day educational training features youth and family perspectives on the impact of trauma and why trauma-informed services are so important to sustained treatment and well-being over time. Includes 4.5 hours of conference call prep; 2-hr, in-person prep session, and facilitated process mapping, as needed.
  • Trauma and Culture*
  • Intergenerational Trauma & Resiliency*

*Can be customized to include family, youth and community input

THRIVE technical assistance (TA) for providers, educators and cultural brokers supports the:

TA and consultation* support:

  • Continuous Quality Improvement Planning (CQI) for Organizational Change
    One-day facilitated discussion of TIAA results with Change Team identifies areas of strengths and those most needing improvement. Includes CQI Plan template, plan review and scoring.
  • System of Care Development
    Logic modeling, leadership, strategic planning with youth and families.
  • Family Partnering and Leadership in Systems
  • Trauma-Informed Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Practices

*Includes access to leading local and national expertise on program and policy development, as well as direct support for innovation, implementation and sustainability

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