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New PSA from MRBN

This PSA was funded by the Sam L. Cohen Foundation through a grant to Project Aware. It was filmed by Amy Grumbling who returned to her own area to work on this project from NYC, where she now lives and works.

Youth Court

About Youth Court is a system that allows young people who have violated the law to be held accountable by their peers. Trained youth community volunteers act as advocates and judges using the restorative justice framework to create an agreement for all. Mission Youth MOVE Maine supports youth and adults in building the skills, partnerships, policies and practices essential to making sure all youth are connected, resilient, growing and included in the decisions that impact their lives. Description The Maine Youth Court is a system that allows young people who have violated the law or school rules to be held accountable by their peers through restorative justice practices. In the Maine Youth Court, youth community volunteers are highly trained and supported to act as advocates and judges in the process, diverting low-risk offenders from traditional punitive disciplinary systems. Youth Court is available for any youth from Portland to Bath who has committed a first time, non-violent offense. Three youth advocates and three peer judges are […]

MAFO Members

Autism Society of Maine 1.800.273.5200 G.E.A.R. Parent Network and Family Support Partners Gaining Empowerment Allows Results for Maine parents of children with behavioral health needs 1.800.264.9224 Learning Disabilities Association of Maine 1.877.208.4029 Maine Parent Federation Statewide organization promoting individual aspirations for all people through information, education and advocacy 1.800.870.7746 National Alliance on Mental Illness of Maine 1.800.464.5767 Southern Maine Parent Awareness Helping families enhance the quality of life of their children and young adults with disabilities 1.800.564.9696 (in Maine only) Tri-County Network of Care One-stop resource for exploring physical and emotional wellness

Trauma-Informed Resources

Adverse Childhod Experiences (ACE) Study – CDC Access to peer-reviewed publications resulting from the ACE Study Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study – Kaiser Permanente An ongoing collaboration with Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) analyzing relationships between childhood traumas and health/behavioral health outcomes later in life Child Welfare League of America Training, cultural competence, transforming residential services Children’s Mental Health Initiative – Digital Library Collaboration, cultural and linguistic competence, family involvement, recruitment and retention, youth involvement Mental Health for Military Families: The Path to Resilience and Recovery Archived SAMHSA training teleconference Military Families Learning Community The National Child Traumatic Stress Network’s Learning Center offers a Master Speaker Series (top experts in each service branch) and also more than 15 podcasts on the physical, psychological and moral stressors of combat and how trauma-related stresses affect spouses and children National Center for Trauma-Informed Care Technical Assistance center for promoting awareness and best practices National Child Traumatic Stress Network Resources include free education lecture series, list of trauma treatments National Registry of Evidence-Based […]

Evidence-Based TF-CBT and CPP

Evidence-based practices are treatment models that have been found effective through multiple research studies documenting similar outcomes. TF-CBT Info and Clinicians Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT) is a short-term  (12-16 weeks) treatment that teaches coping skills to children (6 years and older), youth and families helping them tell the story of the trauma they’ve experienced. Research studies consistently show a reduction in trauma symptoms for children treated with TF-CBT. Recommended reading on TF-CBT: “Child Maltreatment Interventions” (SAGE Publications) “A Multisite, Randomized Controlled Trial for Children with Sexual-Abuse Related PTSD Symptons” (Judith A. Cohen, M.D. et al) CPP Info and Clinicians Child Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) for young children (birth to 6) and their caregivers is an evidence-based treatment that addresses the attachment between child and parent, while working toward understanding and healing trauma. This treatment can take up to a year to complete, and can be effective in smaller increments. Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Young Children and their Families Recommended reading on evidence-based practice: “Choosing the Right […]

Youth MOVE Maine

Youth MOVE Maine (YMM) – Youth Motivating Others through Voices of Experience, Maine’s chapter of Youth MOVE National – is a statewide, regionally based youth and young adult-driven program dedicated to ensuring that all young people have a say in the decisions that impact their lives. YMM supports young people’s efforts to improve policies that impact them, build skills for youth-adult partnerships and take leadership in raising awareness that makes a difference in others’ lives and in their communities. YMM works with young people who have made it through challenging times using natural supports and/or professional supports such as mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare or education. If you are 14-25 living in southwestern Maine, the Midcoast, Kennebec Valley or Bangor, and you identify with the above and want to connect with others who do too, please click Get in Touch. You can also visit www.youthmovemaine.org or the YMM Facebook page. In This Section: Provider Trainings & Consultation Resources – General

What Can We Do To Support Youth In Transition?

by Laura Clark, Region One Community Outreach Specialist THRIVE is making leaps and bounds with programming geared towards assisting youth in their transition back into the community after they commit a crime. Young people have explained to us some of the hardships they are facing when they leave the development centers or when people find out what they did. Family members don’t trust them, teachers and authority figures label them a delinquent, and peers don’t want to hang out with the “bad kid” for fear of retaliation by authority figures and family. We have been focused on bridging the gap in the community with new programming that is youth and family driven. As the Community Outreach Specialist, I am creating a safe space for youth and their families to receive peer support and wrap around services at the juvenile justice department. Peer support provides youth and families with a person who will not judge or stigmatize them on the basis of their crime. We are […]

Children’s Mental Health Awareness and Maine’s Department of Continuous Quality Improvement: THRIVE snapshot

May is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month and Maine continues to provide leadership on the subject of mental health and trauma.  James Yoe, PhD, Director of the Office of Quality Improvement for Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services and also the lead evaluator for the THRIVE Initiative’s original SAMHSA grant, provides a snapshot of THRIVE’s data and poses questions that every system of care should consider. “Trauma Exposure and Post Traumatic Stress Among THRIVE System of Care Participants”: one of a two part series highlighting the importance of creating a trauma-informed system of care. Published in the May 2013 Quality Improvement Snapshot report. Maine’s Office of Continuous Quality Improvement May 2013 QI Data Snapshot THRIVE

Youth Move Maine has a new Website

Youth MOVE Maine is a statewide, regionally based youth and young adult-driven organization dedicated to ensuring that all young people have a say in the decisions that impact their lives. YMM supports young people’s efforts to improve policies in mental health, juvenile justice, and other systems of care, build skills for youth-adult partnerships and take leadership in raising awareness that makes a difference in others’ lives and in their communities. To view their new website click here

THRIVE and Youth MOVE Maine featured in the New England Psychologist

“Programs Help Teens Connect to Services” is in the December 2012 issue of the New England Psychologist. The article highlights the two SAMHSA grants awarded to THRIVE and Youth MOVE Maine in partnership with Maine’s Department of Corrections’ Division of Juvenile Services to  improve services and supports for Maine’s youth. “The work is recognizing that the trauma is pervasive, and as a system we don’t always do a very good job of identifying it in children and youth,” says Arabella Perez, THRIVE executive director. To read more visit the New England Psychologist.