Payment and Delivery

Our online pharmacy offers international delivery. Some several Asian countries are included in the list of non-delivery. We offer Regular Airmail or Express Carrier system. Regular airmail requires 2-3 business weeks. The fee is $10.00. There is a possibility to get free delivery if your total is over $150.00. Express delivery takes 5-9 business days. The fee is $30.00. Express delivery is trackable.

All the positions are dispensed from India. The country they are produced in. All the orders are ordinary processed within 24 hours. They are dispensed for the next 24 hours. As a result, you will get your parcel within 14 days, minimum.


Trusted Tablets online pharmacy will not be capable to deliver your parcel through Express International Mail if you use a mail address (e.g. PO box, General delivery, Poste restante, UPS store, APO/FPO), hotel or educational facility in your shipping address or if you give us a wrong telephone number.

If some problems will happen at custom you will get informed. Aonly after fetting your permission, the customs officer will be eligible to examine the parcel. This may become a cause of the delay in the delivery.

If your order has not arrived please inform our customer care department. The operator will inform you about the rights and

Payment Options

We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, Bitcoin. Currently, eChecks option is unavailable. If you do not find fit option to pay for an order, please contact our customer care department.