About Us

Trusted Tablets is an online pharmacy for the whole family. Here you can order high-quality medications with home delivery and also get an online consultation with an experienced pharmacist. Our prices will pleasantly surprise you!

The company has been distinguished by consistent work for many years.

We do not live one day, and therefore we are interested and have the opportunity to offer our customers quality products and qualified assistance.

We purchase a significant part of our pharmacy range directly from leading branded and generic manufacturers, trusting the supply of the remaining part of the assortment to the largest, most reliable suppliers.

With great responsibility and knowledge of the matter, we organize the proper storage of medicines and other goods that are allowed for dispensing through pharmacy institutions and we monitor its quality at the pharmacy level.

Our goal

Our main goal is to ensure and meet the needs of the population in affordable, effective, safe and high-quality medicines. In this direction, we carry out a large, systematic work. One of the strengths of Trusted Tablets is our employees – our pride, whose goal is not only to help you choose the drug but, one way or another, to contribute to the successful outcome of the treatment.

Quality control

The entire quality management system implemented at Trusted Tablets has the same goal – to guarantee the quality of goods and services to our consumers. And we are working on it very hard. A confirmation of this is a certified quality management system that meets the requirements of international standards. The certificate of conformity confirms the company’s reputation as a leader and a reliable supplier of quality products and services.

Principles of work

Thanks to high-quality products from well-known manufacturers, competitive pricing and customer-oriented service, Trusted Tablets meets all the requirements of its customers. We adhere to the basic principles of work:

  • Convenience. The format of our online pharmacy was developed by highly qualified specialists so choosing and buying medications is as comfortable as possible. And also, we provide free delivery around the globe. Thus, we save your time and money;
  • Professionalism. Our employees are experienced professionals. Thanks to constant work with employees and regular trainings, our staff is always distinguished by the ability to find a common language with customers and keep abreast of all technological innovations. Therefore, you can safely count on their help, advice and make the right choice;
  • Rich selection. Caring for the interests of our customers, we offer more than 1 thousand items from trusted manufacturers. All products are certified and comply with the current standards. Our online pharmacy offers a wide range of medicines, both in high demand and rare, which can be difficult to find in ordinary city pharmacies. In addition to medicines, we have a large assortment of vitamins and herbal supplements. Our most popular drug categories include erectile dysfunction, asthma, birth control, diabetes, antidepressants, cardiovascular health, anti-smoking, antiviral, antibiotics, hypertension, and others;
  • Affordability. Our company is always ready to pleasantly surprise you with the lowest prices and various promotions, which allow you to purchase the necessary drugs at reduced prices and also to receive gifts. Our online store will allow you to make purchases and save the most valuable thing – time. You can give it to your closest ones, and we will make sure that the goods you have chosen are delivered on time!