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YMM now accepting Referrals

Have you heard the good news? Youth MOVE Maine is now accepting referrals to our Youth Support Partner (YSP) program from all providers across the state! We are so very excited to announce that with the support of a new grant, we are now able to offer YSP services to youth across the state! We are now able to accept referrals from any provider – teachers, counselors, Police Officers, Behavioral Health Professionals, anyone who knows a youth and knows the youth might be interested in 1:1 peer mentoring.

As you may have read, Youth Support Partners are young adults who have been resilient through their own challenging life experiences. Youth Support Partners are trained to develop strong relationships with youth who experience challenges with the law, school, homelessness, mental health or substance abuse. Youth Support Partners use strong healthy relationships as a pathway towards goal attainment and promote positive youth development. Youth Support Partners work with youth anywhere from 3 to 6 months. The YSP Program focuses on building an authentic connection with a young person.

Youth who are interested in the Youth Support Partner program must meet the following criteria: must be between the ages of 14-26; must have mental health diagnosis of SED (Serious Emotional Disturbance) or SMI (Significant Mental Illness); and are uninsured or their insurance does not cover youth peer support services.

We are very excited about these new and exciting steps we are taking to further the Youth Support Partner program in Maine. We are very excited that we are able to provide 1:1 peer support to youth across Maine!

Are you interested in making a referral to the Youth MOVE Maine Youth Support Partner program? You may click here to start

Youth Move Maine Wins the RockStar Award

From Youth Move National:
The 2015 Youth MOVE Chapter #RockStar Award for outstanding and continued performance as a nationally recognized chapter of Youth MOVE National in good standing for at least one (1) year goes to Youth MOVE Maine. Youth MOVE Maine has successfully embedded themselves in communities across Maine as youth leaders and advocates and are true champions in successfully building and implementing an effective Youth Peer Support model. Thank you for all of your hard work!

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