Pharmacy at Home – Buying Medicines in the USA and Canada

Pharmacy at Home - Buying Medicines in the USA and CanadaIn order to buy drugs, you need very little – just switch on the Internet, go to the website and choose the drug you need from the available positions! All medicines and drugs presented in online pharmacies are completely legal:

  • manufactured in the factory conditions of the enterprise and in the country specified in the description of the goods;
  • officially and legally brought to the seller’s country;
  • have all the relevant certificates;
  • have an expiration date with a margin necessary for the use of the drug by the buyer.

Each order from Trusted Tablets Pharmacy for each client is carried out with great care, a manager is recorded every action of the order and the staff should know WHAT, TO WHOM and TO WHERE the managers are sending the parcels. This is what allows to guarantee accurate and correct execution of any order.

Any your address the company will be processed and you will receive a response within 24 hours. Upon your request, we are ready to discuss any other guarantees that you consider necessary.

The majority of online services guarantees the confidentiality of any information entered and sent by the future clients.

Trusted Tablets guarantees that the staff will make every effort to ensure that any of the controversial issues of our interaction are resolved through a constructive dialogue with the maximum benefit for you.

Confirmed relevance: statistical data

At the end of 2020, the online pharmacy segment grew by more than 90% in both orders and online sales (compared to 2019). In 2019, the market volume amounted to 86.3 billion dollars with 51.6 million completed orders. Experts predict that by the end of 2021, sales will grow by at least 200%, and the average check will grow by at least 50%.

How to order over-the-counter medicines online?

If you only have over-the-counter drugs on your shopping list, you can buy everything online and check availability through customer service. In general, everything is just like in a regular online store: browse products, read reviews, add to cart.

Because online pharmacies spend less on rent and staff, they often offer products at much lower prices than regular pharmacies. The final decision on where is cheaper, take only after calculating the cost of delivery (it should be indicated on the website).

If you are not sure which medicine you should take, many online pharmacies also offer advice by phone, e-mail or online chat on the website. You will communicate with a qualified pharmacist: you describe your symptoms, he/she advises you on the drug. Also, the specialist will advise you on the optimal dosage, warn you about possible side effects and precautions (for example, he will clarify if the patient has intolerance to certain components).

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