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Youth MOVE Maine

Youth MOVE Maine (YMM) – Youth Motivating Others through Voices of Experience, Maine’s chapter of Youth MOVE National – is a statewide, regionally based youth and young adult-driven program dedicated to ensuring that all young people have a say in the decisions that impact their lives. YMM supports young people’s efforts to improve policies that impact them, build skills for youth-adult partnerships and take leadership in raising awareness that makes a difference in others’ lives and in their communities. YMM works with young people who have made it through challenging times using natural supports and/or professional supports such as mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare or education. If you are 14-25 living in southwestern Maine, the Midcoast, Kennebec Valley or Bangor, and you identify with the above and want to connect with others who do too, please click Get in Touch. You can also visit www.youthmovemaine.org or the YMM Facebook page. In This Section: Provider Trainings & Consultation Resources – General

What Can We Do To Support Youth In Transition?

by Laura Clark, Region One Community Outreach Specialist THRIVE is making leaps and bounds with programming geared towards assisting youth in their transition back into the community after they commit a crime. Young people have explained to us some of the hardships they are facing when they leave the development centers or when people find out what they did. Family members don’t trust them, teachers and authority figures label them a delinquent, and peers don’t want to hang out with the “bad kid” for fear of retaliation by authority figures and family. We have been focused on bridging the gap in the community with new programming that is youth and family driven. As the Community Outreach Specialist, I am creating a safe space for youth and their families to receive peer support and wrap around services at the juvenile justice department. Peer support provides youth and families with a person who will not judge or stigmatize them on the basis of their crime. We are […]

Children’s Mental Health Awareness and Maine’s Department of Continuous Quality Improvement: THRIVE snapshot

May is Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month and Maine continues to provide leadership on the subject of mental health and trauma.  James Yoe, PhD, Director of the Office of Quality Improvement for Maine’s Department of Health and Human Services and also the lead evaluator for the THRIVE Initiative’s original SAMHSA grant, provides a snapshot of THRIVE’s data and poses questions that every system of care should consider. “Trauma Exposure and Post Traumatic Stress Among THRIVE System of Care Participants”: one of a two part series highlighting the importance of creating a trauma-informed system of care. Published in the May 2013 Quality Improvement Snapshot report. Maine’s Office of Continuous Quality Improvement May 2013 QI Data Snapshot THRIVE

Youth Move Maine has a new Website

Youth MOVE Maine is a statewide, regionally based youth and young adult-driven organization dedicated to ensuring that all young people have a say in the decisions that impact their lives. YMM supports young people’s efforts to improve policies in mental health, juvenile justice, and other systems of care, build skills for youth-adult partnerships and take leadership in raising awareness that makes a difference in others’ lives and in their communities. To view their new website click here

THRIVE and Youth MOVE Maine featured in the New England Psychologist

“Programs Help Teens Connect to Services” is in the December 2012 issue of the New England Psychologist. The article highlights the two SAMHSA grants awarded to THRIVE and Youth MOVE Maine in partnership with Maine’s Department of Corrections’ Division of Juvenile Services to  improve services and supports for Maine’s youth. “The work is recognizing that the trauma is pervasive, and as a system we don’t always do a very good job of identifying it in children and youth,” says Arabella Perez, THRIVE executive director. To read more visit the New England Psychologist.

Moving: THRIVE, Youth MOVE & Diversion to Assets

THRIVE has new role in Juvenile Services grant, Youth MOVE has new grant for Youth Courts LEWISTON – As of October 1, THRIVE and Youth MOVE Maine (“Youth MOVE”) have new homes and new federal Substance and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) grants to support. Diversion to Assets, Androscoggin County’s alternative juvenile corrections program, has also moved from previously shared office space at 124 Canal Street. THRIVE is the newly announced training and technical assistance partner for the Department of Corrections Division of Juvenile Services’ new four-year, $4 million SAMHSA grant, Expanding Trauma-Informed System of Care Practices in Maine. THRIVE’s new operations center for trauma-informed training and technical assistance is located at 26 Bridgton Road, Westbrook. “Lewiston was well-suited for our first six years serving mental health agencies and community-based programs in the Tri-County area,” said Arabella Perez, THRIVE Executive Director. “We became an independent organization last October and expanded our services state and nationwide adding juvenile corrections as a child-serving systems partner. We are thoroughly […]

Maine Awareness Campaign Receives Bronze Award

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign Wins Bronze for Excellence in Community Communications & Outreach ORLANDO, FL – G.E.A.R. Parent Network and Youth MOVE Maine accepted the bronze award in the Children’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign category on behalf of collaborative partners Children’s Behavioral Health Services and THRIVE at the Excellence in Community Communications and Outreach recognition ceremony July 26. The awards are sponsored by the federal Substance and Mental Health Services Administration’s Caring for Every Child’s Mental Health Campaign. G.E.A.R. launched Maine’s monthlong award-winning 2011 campaign with its traditional Tailgate Kick-off for families, youth and child-serving health and human services providers in the parking lot of the Office of Child and Family Services. During the first two weeks of May, G.E.A.R.’s Family Advisory Councils for Empowerment Statewide distributed 140 toolkits to mental health agencies and other community-based, child-serving organizations from Caribou to South Portland. The kits contained a total of 35,000 children’s mental health awareness items. “We asked providers to share the contents with the families they serve,” said Carol Tiernan, G.E.A.R. Director. “The kits contained information on where to go for support groups […]

Juvenile Corrections Training Features ACES Researcher

Vincent Felitti, M.D. co-principal investigator of the Adverse Childhood Experiences Study, addresses Maine Juvenile Corrections workers at a trauma-informed training conference. (Tsukroff photo) AUGUSTA – The Maine Department of Corrections Division of Juvenile Services, in collaboration with its Juvenile Justice Advisory Group and Lewiston-based THRIVE, hosted  Dr. Vincent Felitti, M.D., co-principal investigator of the landmark Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES)  and Karen Williams, MSSW, delinquency prevention consultant, at a trauma-informed staff training conference June 19-20. Ms. Williams used neuroscientific research and illustrations to present to over 100 juvenile community corrections officers and facilities workers, regional managers, family members, youth and community-based service representatives how traumatic stress impacts adolescent brain development and influences behavior, and how positive experiences can counter the negative stress effects into young adulthood. Dr. Felitti used data from the landmark ACES to detail the prevalance in the general population of persons with multiple trauma experiences and the stunning implications for physical and mental health across affected lifetimes. He also explained how identifying and addressing traumatic events has the potential to mitigate the astronomical costs to society associated with unidentified and unadressed multiple traumas. Arabella Perez, Executive Director, explained how the ACES had […]

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week 2012

The National Federation of Families for Children’s Mental Health has declared May 6–12, 2012 National Children’s Mental Health Awareness Week with Youth Overcoming Trauma as the theme for this year’s Poster Contest. Awareness Week is dedicated to sharing stories of resiliency with the public and increasing support for the triumphs and challenges of these young people. The more family and youth involvement in the movement, the better! As a community partner in Maine’s System of Care, THRIVE joins the Federation’s statewide chapter, G.E.A.R. Parent Network, and all families who can relate, in promoting positive mental health, well-being and social development for all young people. Mental health is essential to overall health and well being. Serious emotional and mental health challenges in children and youth are real and treatable. Children and youth with mental health challenges and their families deserve access to services and supports that are family driven, youth guided and culturally appropriate. Values of acceptance, dignity and social inclusion should be promoted throughout all communities for children, youth and families. Family and youth […]

Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day 2012

Help spread the word… about resiliency and recovery on social media pages, in emails or your signature block. Adverse experiences in childhood and adolescence can significantly increase stress hormones and negatively impact emotional, social and physical health across time. Supportive caregivers and communities can buffer the impact and nurture well-being. May is the month we celebrate Children’s Mental Health Awareness and the positive effects of resiliency, strong social connections and skills for life! Awareness Day Collaborating Organizations View organizations supporting Awareness Day 2012. Learn how yours can too! Email AwarenessDay2012@vancomm.com to request a copy of the Awareness Day 2011 Final Report.